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iBIZSoftware is the company that introduces next generation new technology fast and develops & supply e-Biz solution.

About us

iBIZSoftware was founded in 2006. I-Biz is the IT technology service company that strives under mission of technology innovation and customer value improvement based on up to date technology. I-Biz does its utmost for our customers’ successful business.
  • Information strategy/technical consulting project for effective
    use of proper technology.
  • Open Source Software technical support for cutting edge technology
    and corporate productivity improvement.
  • Jwork Suite 4.0Integrated development
    support platform.
  • Jwork IM/SSOIntegrated account management solution
  • JPMSProject schedule management
  • Web WatcherBig data platform
The company provides IT services through various new technology and differentiated technology for customer’s corporate value innovation.
The company also provides overall IT technology including client’s productivity improvement along with operation management considered solution technical support, technical consulting as well as system development.

Company Information

Company name iBIZSoftware Co., Ltd
CEO Kim Kyung-won
Foundation March, 2006
Address 1301, 70, Seonyu-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Contact Tel . +82 2-3662-7981 / FAX . +82 2-3662-7984
Main products Jwork Suite 4.0 (J2EE based web framework), JPMS (PMS solution), Jwork SSO (SSO solution), Jwork IM (IM solution),
WebWatcher (Integrated Security Control Solution), Big Data Platform